Imperial Cities of Morocco

The Imperial Cities of Morocco are old capitals of one or more dynasties, e.g. Fès, which was the capital of Morocco several times, Marrakech that was the capital of the Saadiens, after being that of the Almohades and of the Almoravides, Meknès capital of Alaouites. Rabat is the current capital of Alaouites.

This Tour is a curtain raiser tour of the magnificence of these cities.

Itinéraire du circuit
1er Casablanca
2ème Casablanca – Rabat
3ème Meknes – Volubilis - Fez
4ème Fez
5ème Fez – Beni Melllal-Marrakech
6ème Marrakech
7ème Marrakech - Casablanca
8ème Casablanca

Our package includes :